What is New Toy Robot?

New Toy Robot is an entertainment media company that offers media production services for motion pictures, television, and the internet. Quotes, questions, and all other inquires to michael@newtoyrobot.com.

“To recognize and produce incredible projects through various mediums and formats that bring opportunities to innovative artists left out of the Hollywood factory.” – Michael Francis, Producer/CEO of New Toy Robot

Who is Michael Francis?

Michael Francis was an amateur animator and effects artist as a child. Born in Los Angeles, California, Michael moved several times between Los Angeles and the Valley during the Golden Age of the 1980s. While studying Film and Animation at Los Angeles City College, Michael decided real world experience was going to advance his career more far more than a traditional education. With that in mind, he started working as a production assistant with Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Even spending a year at Spielberg’s home office as an assistant to the Spielberg family.

Afterwards, Michael spent his time at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences within their archive and eventually getting into acting and performing. This led to his work with the Entertainment Department at Universal Studios Hollywood and their Events team. Supervising the preproduction and the operation of multi-million dollar events such as Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas, and various other stunning experiences.

In 2019, Michael was let go from Universal due to the pandemic shutting down the theme park. After spending time as a quality control operator, working on such films as Snake Eyes, Shang-Chi, The Last Duel, and The Eternals, Michael decided to start up his own production company. New Toy Robot produces the types of entertainment that he loves and opens up opportunities to other innovative artists.

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